SAP Certification Levels and Focus Areas

To help you drive the most value from certification opportunities, SAP is now offering multi-tiered certification paths for specific subjects.

Certification Level

With a focus on multi-tiered certification, you can benefit from the opportunity to validate your advanced skills within a given subject area. In addition, employers can assign resources based on more clearly-defined benchmarks, which are mapped and validated on the basis of job tasks.

  • Associate certification – This certification covers the fundamental knowledge requirements for a consultant, or project team member ensuring the successful acquisition of broad SAP solution knowledge and skills. With associate-level certification, you can:
    • Gain an externally-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek
    • Differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace
    • Execute your tasks with confidence and skill
  • Professional certification – This advanced certification requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions. With professional-level certification, you can:
    • Demonstrate both your experience and your expertise through a rigorous testing process
    • Promote a more globally applicable accreditation with higher billable rates
    • Lead as well as execute tasks and engagements
  • Master certification (in development) – This certification will involve demonstrating an expert-level understanding of a specific area of SAP software and the ability to drive innovation and solution optimization through in-depth knowledge and vision. Certification at this level requires broad project experience, comprehensive SAP product knowledge, and the ability to create a future IT vision within complex project environments. With master-level certification, you can:
    • Secure your place in an exclusive community of visionary experts
    • Pass a peer-reviewed, comprehensive admissions process
    • Define and guide long term strategy
    • Participate in master-level briefings, colloquiums, and industry events

Certification Focus Areas

Focus areas are designed to help you find the certification that is right for you. They allow you to refine your search by an area of concentration and still see the full range of solutions that may interest you. All three levels of certification – associate, professional, and master – apply to the three focus areas for which you can achieve SAP certification: application, technology, or development.

  • Application certification – This certification is available for specific SAP solutions. You can take the certification exam after completing the appropriate solution academy course and case study, or the equivalent SAP standard curriculum. If you already have significant experience implementing an SAP solution, you can take the exam without attending the course but participation is highly recommended.
  • Technology certification – If you complete the solution academy or SAP training classes, you can take the technology exam to become certified. If you already have significant experience with SAP technology, you can take the exam without attending the course but participation is highly recommended.
  • Development certification – This certification is available for individuals who are developing applications for SAP solutions. If you already have significant experience with SAP development, you can take the exam without attending the course but participation is highly recommended.

How to Prepare for Certification Exams

Every certification comes with its own set of preparation tactics. To help you prepare, we recommend that you review the “Competency Areas” portion of Web pages that describe individual certification exams, where you’ll learn more about recommended course work and useful content. Many of the new exams also have helpful Quick Guides and sample questions which you can find here.

In addition you can find some useful certification guides written by leading consultants in your field available via SAP Press here, and here.

Please note that there are no specific prerequisites to sit for a certification exam. For example, you are not required to complete an associate-level exam to qualify for a professional-level exam, and course work is recommended, but not required.


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