SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4

Booking Code

  • C_TSCM62_64

The certification test SAP Certified Application Associate – Order Fulfillment with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 verifies the knowledge in the area of Sales Order Managementfor the consultant profile. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects.


Number of Questions



180 MIN


  • Associate Certifications are targeting profiles with up to 3 years of knowledge and experience. The primary source of knowledge and skills is based on the corresponding training material.
  • You are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to online documentation or to any SAP system).

Competency Areas

The following list helps you to identify the competency areas covered in this test. The percentage indicates the portion of the test dedicated to a particular competency area.

Weighting per Topic (not listed for all exams):

+ = <8%

++ = 8-12%

+++ = >12%

Competency Importance
Way(s) to attain
Topic Primary Alternative Other
Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions and processes in… 40%
Sales Documents (customizing) ++ TSCM60 SCM605

Basic Functions (customizing) + TSCM60 SCM605

Shipping (customizing) + TSCM60 SCM610

Billing (customizing) + TSCM62 SCM615

Pricing (customizing) + TSCM62 SCM620

Cross-functional (customizing) + TSCM62 SCM650

Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions and processes in… 60%
Organizational Structures + TSCM60, TSCM62 SCM600

Sales (basics) + TSCM60 SCM600

Shipping (basics) + TSCM60 SCM600

Billing (basics) + TSCM60 SCM600

Customer and Material Master Data + TSCM60 SCM600

Pricing (basics) + TSCM60 SCM600

Availability Check + TSCM60 SCM600

Special Business Transactions + TSCM60 SCM605

Delivery and Transportation Scheduling + TSCM60 SCM610

Outline Agreements + TSCM60 SCM605

Basics of ERP, NW and Solution Manager + TERP01, TERP02, SM001

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